Pokémon GO at the Library

Check our current team affiliation by hovering over the logos, above!

Please note that in-person programming remains suspended due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns. However, you can still visit our gym, spin our ‘Stops, and register your team affiliation any time you visit our circulation desk to influence RCPL’s team at the end of the year!

Are you ready to catch more than just reading fever?

When you visit your Rowan County Public Library, you’ll find books, movies, video games…and Pokémon! We’ve got a gym and two PokéStops, which means you can come here every day of the year, during all of our events and activities, to find and catch ’em all.

Are you a parent, or maybe just new to Pokémon GO (or to Pokémon, in general)? You can learn more about the Android/iOS app here!

GO Set a Lure!

PGO Lure Module

We put out lures to attract more Pokémon for patrons to encounter during many of our programs—and we appreciate when you place a lure of your own, as well! If you install a lure module on one of the library’s PokéStops (located at our Frank Long mural in the atrium and at our Nona Camuel painted bench in the vestibule), we’ll give you a shoutout on social media when we see it, so feel free to tell us about it. Of course, you can also post your own screenshots of your lure, or pictures of yourself with a Pokémon you caught here. If you do, be sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and use the hashtags #GO2RCPL or #GO2thelibrary!

Lures attract all kinds of Pokémon for everyone to catch, so there are no losers when you install one on our ‘Stops. They typically last for half an hour (30 minutes), although special in-game events may cause them to work for longer. There’s no bad time to place a lure module, but the best times are when lots of people are using the library, especially during holidays and similar when the chance of catching particularly rare and elusive Pokémon goes up. When we’ve activated a lure, in the past, we’ve even seen some shiny individuals pop in to see what’s going on! Our research shows these tend to appear more often when people have something to celebrate, like the beginning of summer, Earth Day, Halloween, or just really nice weather. But don’t just take our word for it; international expert Professor Willow and his assistants will tell you what to expect when you log into the Pokémon GO app.

GO Rep your Team!

Do you take pride in your valor? Do you trust your instincts? Or is your approach a little more mystic? We love all three teams at the library, which is why our team…is yours to choose! That’s right, your Rowan County Public Library has an official Pokémon GO account, and your team is our team. If you come to our programs, you can check in with us even if you didn’t catch anything; we’ll add a tally for your team, and during our Winter Reading events, we’ll switch to the team that’s had the most members visiting us. Are you part of our LEGO Club? Do you come to teen game night? Maybe you stop by for some creative coloring and coffee? Whatever brings you to the library, just show your app with your team affiliation to one of our circulation or technology staff, and they’ll make a note that Valor, Mystic, or Instinct was here!

You can see which team we currently belong to by checking this page, looking on our homepage banner, or peeping the signs at our front and children’s circulation desks. If you don’t like it…change it! You get a vote towards making your team our team every time you attend one of our activities and report in. For example: If Team Mystic holds the title after Winter Reading, you’ve got the rest of the year to rep for Instinct or Valor, and we’ll change to the new winner after the following year’s holidays.

GO to the Gym!

RCPL is a gym, too!

Your Rowan County Public Library isn’t just a PokéStop, either; we’re also a Pokémon gym!

Gyms are a bit different from ‘Stops: You can still visit and spin to get things like Poké Balls for catching or potions for healing, but a gym also represents a fortified position that can be controlled by a group of up to six trainers. With the activities of the nefarious Team GO Rocket on the rise, gyms are more important than ever as places for people like you to gather and protect local Pokémon!

Of course, we realize there’s a lot of friendly competition between the three big teams. Libraries like us pledge to take a stand for equal access and opportunity, no matter who a patron is or where they come from, and that applies to Pokémon trainers, too! Regardless of which team we’re currently representing, we welcome members of Team Instinct, Valor, or Mystic to help guard our gym against Rocket activity (just be polite to your fellow trainers, both here at the library and on social media…and please keep powerful Fire-, Water-, and Bug-type moves to designated areas).

If you take up a guard position at our gym, be sure to let us know about it by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tag us so we can see it! Use the hashtags #GO2RCPL or #GO2thelibrary so that other trainers can find your screenshots, as well. Oh, and keep an eye out for raids—special gym-only events where you can join forces with fellow trainers from all three teams to catch rare and powerful Pokémon! If one of these shows up here during our operating hours, we’ll be sure to say something on our social media, so make sure you follow us there.

GO Add our Friend Code!

RCPL PGO friend code 5412 8711 8054

RCPL’s PGO Friend Code: 5412 8711 8054

Your Rowan County Public Library is happy to friend Pokémon trainers throughout our community, regardless of team affiliation, level, or age. Why should you do this? Well, in the first place, we’ll gladly accept your gifts, if you want to send them (although, due to in-game limitations, we unfortunately just can’t send gifts back out to everybody—sorry!). Sending gifts to the library account will reward you with XP to increase your trainer level, particularly if you do it often enough to reach the milestone of good, great, ultra, or best friends with us. So, there’s definitely something in it for you! We’ll check for gifts every day and try to open them as often as possible so that you can keep sending them and level up.

Secondly, we want to be friends with our patrons so we can…yep, trade Pokémon with you! We have to do something about the ones that wander into the building, after all, so we figure that we might as well try and find them good homes with trainers like you. There may not be a Pokémon available at every single one of our programs, but we’ll often have one available for special events, holidays, during Summer and Winter Reading, and so on. And if we just happen to come across something rare, well—you’ll probably be a better match for a mythic or legendary than we will!

Now, keep in mind that we have a policy against participating in Pokémon battles; we’re a learning institution, and although there are scientists out there who might feel differently, we at least have to think of the books. Random Thunder Waves and Fire Spins going off inside the library wouldn’t be good for anybody! So, we’ll never send or accept battle requests. If you want to duel with other patrons, though, that’s permitted—just take it to the parking lot and keep Water-type attacks away from the computers.

GO to our Pokémon-Themed Programs!

Just like we have activities and events for reading, watching movies, creating art, and more, your Rowan County Public Library also offers Pokémon programming to celebrate the achievements of trainers in our community. We’ll have a party during Summer Reading and Winter Reading to announce which team we’re repping, with snacks, decorations, games, and prizes! We’re also proud to host community trading days, when trainers of all ages are welcome to come visit us and swap Pokémon with one another. And of course, we’ll always keep lure modules installed in our PokéStops during big events like our holiday open house or fall fun nights, and when Professor Willow predicts something special like double catch candy, the appearance of new Pokémon in our region, or faster egg hatching! When you get notified of these, be sure to come pay us a visit—and let us know you were here!

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