Kentucky/Genealogy Room

Your Rowan County Public Library is privileged to feature a dedicated Kentucky/Genealogy (KY/G) Room! This special collection is like a library within the library, housing selected materials on the Kentucky and Appalachia regions as well as numerous sources for genealogical research, including census data in print, on microfilm/microfiche, and in our digital archive. Rowan County cemetery records and obituary files compiled by the Rowan County Historical Society are also included in this collection, as are yearbooks and the compiled works of noted local historian Jack Ellis.

Specialized Assistance

Not sure where to start? Working on your own, but hitting a snag? RCPL is glad to have on staff a full-time historian and genealogist! If you need expert help planning or performing your research, call us at 606-784-7137 to schedule an appointment or to speak with our specialist, Cindy.

Online Genealogical Resources

We’re proud to offer several databases and programs to help you perform genealogical research, either on your own or with assistance:

Microfilm/Microfiche Reader

State-of-the-art equipment and software is provided in the KY/G Room for review and manipulation of historical microfilm and microfiche. We like to think the program is easy to use, but please feel free to ask for assistance if you have any trouble getting the results you want.

Unknown Persons Gallery

Recognize any of these folks? Take a look through our photo gallery of local unknown persons and see if you have any information to share that might help identify them!