Adult/Continuing Education

Learning doesn’t have to stop with high school or even with college. People throughout our area are at all different levels of education; regardless of your situation, we want to help you find everything you need to keep going with a GED, professional certification, postsecondary degree, or whatever!

Since your Rowan County Public Library is a place of learning, it’s only natural that we try to work closely with other institutions and organizations throughout the region to provide the best level of service to you. Below are links to some of those, which you can follow to find out more about course programs, testing, and other resources for continuing your education. Be sure to search our catalog for preparatory books and other study aids, and remember: If we don’t have something you need, ask for it!

Adult & Continuing Education Resources

GED Testing
GFC LearnFree
Kentucky Adult Education Skills University
Kentucky Community & Technical College System
Maysville Community & Technical College
Morehead State University
Morehead State University Adult Learning Center
University of Kentucky

And check out our page on college and university, too.