Chow Club

How to join the club:

  1. Choose a recipe from the club’s current cookbook
    • You can always find whichever cookbook we’re using for Chow Club at the library’s front circulation desk!
  2. Write down your name and recipe selection
  3. Prepare your dish at home
  4. Bring your dish to the next Chow Club meeting
  5. Enjoy tasting everyone’s creations!

Next Chow Club Meeting: 

November 22, 12-2 pm

So, why join our library Chow Club?

  • You get to meet new people who share your love of cooking!
  • It’s a great chance to try new recipes (and maybe cook something you’ve never tried)
  • We’ve got a fantastic collection of cookbooks, so there’s plenty to choose from!

You can join the library’s Facebook group for Chow Club here!


This month’s club cookbooks are:

No featured cookbooks this month! Instead, prepare a family recipe (traditional or otherwise) in the spirit of the holidays.