Adoption & Foster Care

There are many children throughout the country who are currently displaced, transient, or otherwise in need of a stable and loving family. If you are interested in committing to that role, there are resources in Morehead and the greater Morehead area for facilitating foster care placement and adoption services throughout Rowan County. You’ll find local private and government agencies linked below, along with pages that provide statistics, guidelines, and a detailed walk through the process of becoming a foster parent or permanent legal guardian for a child.

Be sure to explore our catalog, as well, for books and other materials about fostering or adoption, including resources for kids, teens, and adults who have experienced foster care and adoption, themselves!

Adoption & Foster Care Resources

AdoptUSKids (Kentucky)
Benchmark Family Services
Hope Hill Youth Services
Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services
KVC Kentucky
KY Adoption
Sunrise Children’s Services